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At CashNGold, we specialize in purchasing diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, our team of experienced appraisers, who are GIA-educated and have extensive knowledge of diamonds from around the world, will ensure you receive the best price for your diamonds. Sell your diamonds with confidence at CashNGold.

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The 4C's of Diamond Appraising

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At Sell Your Gold we examine and test your diamonds to confirm its authenticity. When examining your diamonds, we are looking at the 4C’s: Your diamonds color, clarity, cut and carat size. This information will factor into your offer amount. Learn more about the 4C’s today!


Within the diamond world, the less color the better! Colorless diamonds (D, E, and F) as well as near colorless (G, H, I, and J) will be worth more than diamonds with a lower color grade and show more of a yellow tint.


The cut of the diamond will affect how the diamond takes and release light i.e. it’s sparkle! Diamonds with an excellent or very good cut will be worth more than diamonds with a fair to poor grading.


Does your diamond have inclusion or blemishes on the stone? The placement, number of inclusions, and size of the inclusion can greatly affect the stones worth.


The apparent size of the diamond according to its weight. Keep in mind, the larger the diamond doesn’t always mean the cost will increase. If it has high ratings in the other categories a smaller diamond can sometimes be worth more than a larger diamond with lower gradings in the other categories.