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At CashNGold we buy all types of bullion, and we make it easy to sell bullion from the comfort of home. Bullion refers to a precious metal in bulk form that is valued by how much it weighs, in either troy ounce or grams. Bullion can come in forms such as coins, bars, ingots, and rounds. It also comes in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

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Types of Bullion We Buy

Types Of Bullion


At CashNGold, we specialize in purchasing ingots of various metals. Whether you have precious metal ingots or non-precious metal ingots, our experienced team is well-equipped to assess and provide fair prices for your ingots. Bring your ingots to our store today and trust us to offer a smooth and reliable selling experience.


At CashNGold, we recognize that a bar refers to both the shape of the casted metal and its weight and purity markings. Whether you have bars made of precious metals or non-precious metals, we are interested in purchasing them. Our experienced team will assess the weight, purity, and market value to provide you with a fair price for your metal bars. Sell your marked bars with confidence at our store. Visit us today to explore your selling options.


At CashNGold, we understand that the value of rounds is determined primarily by their precious metal content. Rounds are not meant for circulation or use as currency. As experts in assessing precious metals, we provide fair prices for rounds based on their intrinsic metal value. Sell your precious metal rounds with confidence at our store, knowing that you’ll receive a competitive price. Visit us today to unlock the value of your rounds.


Bullion coins are exceptional investment pieces that are not intended for circulation. These coins typically have a precious metal content that surpasses their face value. At CashNGold, we specialize in buying bullion coins and recognize their inherent value as investment assets. Our expert team will assess the precious metal content and provide you with a fair price based on the current market value. Sell your bullion coins with confidence at our store. Visit us today to discuss your investment pieces and receive a competitive offer.

Popular Gold Bar and Round Brands

Popular Brands

This mint is known for producing beautiful gold bullion and collectible coins sought out by many collectors. They are guaranteed to be .999 pure. Each piece is stamped with the exact weight, purity, serial number and the Austrian bear logo. Some pieces feature the mint’s unique design from the KineGram technology.

Backed by Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland, one of the most trusted brand and institutions in the world, Credit Suisse provides sized gold bars and gold rounds guaranteed to be .999 pure. Their items are stamped with the weight and purity, in addition to their internationally recognized symbol of quality and sound provenance.

A company that mints both gold bars and gold rounds that is known for their quality and trustworthiness. They feature a variety of sizes and designs in their products and include a logo honoring both America and Canadian history.

As one of the oldest refiners in the world, they are known for their quality and attention to detail as shown in their products unique finish. All of the gold bars and rounds they produce are .9999+ fine gold. They produce some of the most highly invested pieces in the world.

Certified by the London Bullion Market Association, IGR bullion is allowed to be traded around the world. This refinery was the first to be authorized by Turkish Treasury as well as the Istanbul Gold Exchange. They produce gold bars ranging from 1/2 gram to 100 grams.

A leading precious metal refiner and manufacturer, producing bars and rounds that are .999 pure. Known for its quality and trustworthiness, these gold bars and rounds are traded around the world and feature the purity and gold content into the bar for authenticity.

Famous for their luxury and fine craftsmanship, PAMP Suisse is a worldwide refiner and marketer. They guaranteed their product to be .9999 fine. Their bars feature an “Fortuna” design and are also die-struck. They are the perfect piece to add to an investment collection.

The oldest Austrian mint, Perth specializes in precious metals and producing beautiful gold bars that are struck from 99.99% fine gold. All bullion they produce is stamped with their swan logo and kangaroo motif, as well as sealed in tamper proof presentation cards with the serial number and chief assayer.

One of the top and largest US refiners worldwide. Their entire refining process is done in the US where they make gold bars and rounds out of .9999 fine gold.

A leading precious metal manufacturer of gold bars, stamped with the exact weight, purity, gold content, and the hallmark of the world famous Royal Canadian Mint. They product bars that range from 1 oz. to 1 kilogram and are produced from .9999 fine gold.

All bar produced by Sunshine Mint feature a new security measure, a MintMark SI to authenticate that the item is .9999 fine purity and its origin. When viewing through the special decoder lens you will see the word valid and when it’s turned the other direction it shows the sun burst logo. All Bars and rounds are guaranteed to be .9999 + fine gold.

A leading Swiss refiner that is known for their outstanding craftsmanship. They produce a variety of gold bars, gold rounds and coins. They also produce gold in unique shapes including spheres and stars which give investors something different for their collection.